One fine day, Popo and Momo were viewing outside from the window as usual. While they were watching a train passing by in the distance, they dreamed of traveling all over the world by riding on many vehicles.One day, they casually tried to touch the train by stretchingtheir arms through the window…..


POPO (5 years old)

Popo is a gentle boy who cares
his little sister Momo very much.
He is generally a personyou can
rely on but sometimes he gets
carried away when something
fun is taking his attention.

MOMO (3 years old)

Momo is a curious girl who touches all
the things that are new to her.
She often tries to annoy her brother
Popo by imitating him.


PhoneBook is a tool that needs both: printed book and a special application for the iPhone (or iPod touch). Play it safely by following the instructions below. As for the downloading procedure, refer to “HOW TO PLAY PHONEBOOK①to download the application”.

1. To download the application

Access the App Store website and search a special application by typing in “Ride! Ride!”. Download the application for FREE.

2. To set up the iPhone / iPod touch

Check if your iPhone (or iPod touch) is on a manner mode. (This application uses sound, so it should be ON.) Pull thestopper out from the upper side of the Book. Set up the iPhone (or iPod touch) before you start the application.

Fit it into the hollow area until the end and cover it with the stopper combined together as the picture below shows.

After you have checked the stopper was correctly set up, you can start the application.


Read the TERM OF USE and touch a check box on the screen if you agree. Without this agreement, PhoneBook cannot get started.

4. To flip the pages

To flip the pages, slide your finger touching on the lower right corner of the screen of the iPhone (or iPod touch). Carefully turn the page, while checking if the page has flipped correctly. To return to the previous page, slide your finger on the lower left corner of the screen.

To flip the pages automatically, touch the vehicles on the screen.
If you succeed to turn the pages, the icon will appear at the lower right corner of the screen of the iPhone (or iPod touch). Make sure that the icon is the same as another icon on the lower right of the book.

5. TOP Screen

To select who to read with
Then the screen will be as below.
To adjust the volume

6. To play each pages

Page 1: Home 1

  • ・Touch the curtain to get the story started.
  • ・Then touch anything that you can see from the window

Page 2: Train

  • ・Touch the trees and the bushes that you see from the window.

Page 3: Airplane

  • ・The view automatically goes up and down between the sky and the sea.
  • ・Touch the clouds that you see from the window.
  • ・To move the clouds, slide your finger with catching them on the touch panel.
  • ・To accelerate the speed, incline the book to the right. To slow it down, incline the book to the left.

Page 4: Submarine

  • ・Touch the sea to let the submarine started.
  • ・To gather the fishes, touch the window at the sea bottom.
  • ・To watch the various kinds of fishes swimming, do not touch the screen for a while.

Page 5: Spaceship

  • ・Grab the Book with your hands and go forward by avoiding the shooting asteroids.
  • ・Incline the Book to the right to swing to the right, while inclining it to the left to swing to the left.
  • ・Tilt it to the forward to accelerate, while tilt it to the backward to slow it down.
  • ・Touch the screen to accelerate the spaceship. After you touch the screen five times, the spaceship goes back to the Earth.

Page 6: Home 2

  • ・Popo and Momo got back to their home and sit on their daddyor mammy’slaps
  • ・Touch Popo and Momo’s soft cheeks.